They'll Be Comin                 2013 J. Mark Witters
Well, the country I was born in, I can scarcely recognize.
The media are puppets, most complicit with the lies.
You can live the straight and narrow, but it matters not.
You're still treated like a criminal, then lined up and shot.

If you believe in Jesus, you'd best keep it to yourself.
The Government's  their religion; yours is put upon a shelf.
Contracts may or not be honored.  Left up strictly to their whim.
Crises are created, and the whirling dervish spins.

     They'll be comin' for your money, They'll be comin' for your guns.
     They'll be comin' for your freedom, cause they want you on the run.
     They'll be comin' for your husband, They'll be comin' for your wife.
     They have one hand on your children, and they demand your life.

Well, they treat the Constitution as though it were a rag.
Dancing madly backwards around a shredded flag.
Tyranny and privilege, ruler and the ruled.
All seeping into churches and permeating schools.

All people preaching "tolerance" are least tolerant of all.
Believe the useful lemmings, or they'll see to it you fall.
Misappropriation of power and control
Leaves the stench of corruption and a cavern for your soul. 

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