Oh Alaska!
© 2008 Mark Witters

Travelling ruthlessly derelict,
Gold in the Klondike waits for us.
Feverish, giddy, and hellbent,
Caught up in all the fuss.
Gone to see "the elephant".
It took me far away.
Abandoned any logic,
And I can oly say,
"Oh Alaska,  majestic are your shores!
Oh Alaska, life is grander than before!"

Purity encased in treachery,
Muttering blasphemy to its prey.
Moonlit-whispered promises
Are thinly-veiled across the bay.
Full ton of provisions ferried to the beach,
Here-to-there's eternity,
It almost seems within reach.
Oh Alaska, I heard you call my name!
Oh Alaska, I'll never be the same!

Infinite waves of humanity
Charge to shore as if possed.
Focusing all of their energy,
Throwing it all into the quest.
Silence now is shattered.
There's no time to think.
Even less to linger.
If we don't move, we sink.
Oh Alaska, I'm only who I am.
Oh Alaska, make me a better man.

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