Never Again (Is Now)              ©2015 J. Mark Witters

Throughout world history it's never been a mystery what evil can do.
You've got undeniable proof that when you act upon the truth,
You're on the side of the Lord.
Will you serve your fellow man, break the mold and bow to the power Above.
Listen close with empathy, for life is an epiphany,
Grounded in His everlasting love.

Never again (is now)
Let hatred go. What do we know?
Look what we've grown.  It's what's been sown.

Each group taken one by one, then, assuredly, they'll come for you too.
Righting the injustices guarantees no comfort zone.
Everything to gain, nothing to lose.
We're the Black-Robed Regiment in Lexington, Concord Bridge, and Bunker Hill.
If genocide is happening what will you do to stop it, or do you even have the will?

Make God our guiding light, strike out on the darkest night to your destiny.
Honesty, integrity, humility, tenacity, and you're on the way to be free.
Put away the platitudes, the emptiness, the fickleness of thoughtless crowds.
Hold on to your principles, your guns, and your religion,
Family, and right to sing aloud.

Never again (is now)

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