Midst Of Madness
© 2008 Mark Witters

April morning on Lake Bennett, I race alone.
Just heard the news.  Reflectively, I muse.
Just as sure as one is  missing, one has been found.
So, I'll just press on.  It's another dawn.

In the midst of madness, I must stay the course.
Overwhelming sadness, but nio remorse.

Don't know how, but I built a vessel; quickly, then, set sail.
Five hundred miles of water.  Fever's burning ever-hotter.
Through the rapids and the whirlpools, strewn with people's lives.
How could one ever be prepared?  Too busy surviving to care.

Might have  stumbled, might have fallen, but I keep going on.
What hasn't killed has made me stronger.  Holding on just a little longer.
It's amazing all we go through,  suddenly, we're gone!

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