Man in the Moon
© 1980 Mark Witters

If you'd like a tune from the man in the moon
on a certain summer night,
Wish on a star and he'll sing for you, or at least, he might.
He'll sing about enchantment; he'll sigh about lost love.
Soon, you will imagine yourself flying the heavens aboove.
Counting the clouds and whistling aloud
in a vacuum no one hears.
Living all your fantasies before they disappear.
Maybe you will see me somewhere up in space.
As far as I am concerned there is no other place.
Then you will hear (so exceedingly near!)
a most dazzling display.
Aural extravaganza; soundscape mural bouquet.
Stratospheric orchestra blends majestically.
Every note's a constant source of wonderment to me!

Tomorrow at ten, it will happen again,
As it did the night before.
If you think to call to him, he'll meet you at the door
Humming melodies as lovely as any night in June.
Your personal pied piper is the man in the moon.

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