Live To Love

©2003 Mark Witters

Launching into inner space.   Many wonders taking place.
Distanced from the worldly race.  Seeking a sacred space.
Now, it’s coming back to me - remembering how we were free
to experience the All and be aware to dare to really see that


We  are creation. We are energy.   
We’re  all connected,  even if we don’t agree.
Live to  love.


Seasons slowly trickle by. Serenity, indigo sky.
Unseen wisdom. Can’t say why. 
 Let it go.  You can  fly!
Exhilaration every day; a new unknown is on the way.
 Balance of both work and play.   Have no fear,   come what may.




Shaman on a spirit chase.   Look of purpose on his face.
Keeping up a steady pace.  Soul reclaimed,  accepting grace.
Endless as a starry night.  Carefree wildly-flying kite!
More intense than any light.  
Something deep you know  is right.

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