© 2014  J. Mark Witters
A puppy lumbered down our street some fifteen years ago.
What a joy he came to be, so little did we know.
Someone had abandoned him; my wife took him in.
Fed him, played some, turned him loose, and he came back again.

The sky seemed to be threatening, and it would soon pour rain.
I said, "If you bring him in, he might as well be named."
We called this puppy "Fidget", 'cause he could not sit still.
I've never seen one like him, and know I never will.

      Little bitty baby      Fidget-happy every day.          
      Little bitty baby       Fidget-life's a grand adventure... let's go out and play!

The months went by, we watched him grow and bound about the place.
Never caught a squirrel, but always would give chase.
He loved long walks and his "wild dog" run was unique as he.
Hopping 'round his "victim" and racing off with glee.

He nursed us back from illness;  always checking in.
Bringing true encouragement time and time again...
Even got a snakebite on Independence Day.
Charmed the vets an evening; then they sent him on his way.

            Little bitty baby Fidget-thriving in his prime.
            Little bitty baby Fidget- ever-moving onward; havin' ourselves a time!   

Slowly, Fidget felt his age, as we always do.
Longing to go for a walk, but knew those days were through.
His huge heart finally gave out; we had to say goodbye,
And as I sit here writing this, I can't help but cry.

             Little bitty baby Fidget in Heaven running free.
             Little bitty baby Fidget...We'll be reunited, just you wait and see!

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