© 2004 –M. Witters, K Upton, R Neyer, B. Witters


Stepped out of a cubicle which was clear as polished onyx.
I tried looking through it, but only got reflection.
Traveled to another to lose the damned reflection,
But one was  like the other
and the spell remained unbroken.

Took imagination tempered with  small flecks of rejection,

Folded in equal dedication to reshape the illusion.
Count  these words as nothing if you still see a reflection.
Look past mere enchantment and  enter your  contentment.


I stepped out of my cubicle out beyond the walls.
I looked around with open eyes and this is what I saw
Truth, beauty, peace, and love.  Freedom for us all.
We must have an open mind and answer to the call.

Some say nothing’s sacred, but don’t you believe them.

Trust your intuition, never dance with sorrow.
Celebrate with laughter not put off till tomorrow.
This is not rehearsal.   This is your reality.

Have no expectation,  you can’t make all decisions.

The most that one may offer is subtle suggestion.
Of course, some may be given,  it’s just information.
Nothing is judgmental.  It’s  the individual  dream.


We barely scratch some surfaces  hard and cold as marble,

Yet  within are answers  to everything eternal.
All  take paths so different,  yet  we’re still connected.
Dare to envision  a world full of peace and love!

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